Puzzles for EveryBody™ - Still Life (Fruits)

Puzzles for EveryBody™ - Still Life (Fruits)

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Puzzles for Everybody

Still Life (Fruits)

Patent-pending Puzzle Design.

Textured printing technology.

Waterjet cut pieces.

Waterproof PVC.

Ages 4+

Experience a new kind of puzzle for every body. We’ve elevated the design of our precision Waterjet cut PVC puzzles with textured printing technology. Feel the art in each piece using tactile clues.

This innovative, patent-pending, sensory puzzle design was created so that sighted, low vision, and blind puzzlers of all ages can play and learn together.

Puzzles for EveryBody™ fills in a missing piece in the global puzzle industry. We are empowered to evolve the future of puzzle design for all members of our community so that we may expand access to the educational, physical and mental health benefits revealed by the joy of puzzling. Our puzzles are waterproof, easy to sanitize, and almost indestructible. Adventure outside your puzzle table and experiment with assembly everywhere you’ve dreamed of puzzling!

Still Life (Fruits) puzzle artwork description:

This puzzle has soft, natural colors and features a close-up view of a dark wooden table overflowing with various fruits. Each fruit has a distinct texture. Some fruits are arranged in a woven basket: a pear, cantaloupe, grapes and raspberries fall gingerly over the side of the basket, and two oranges, one of which is unpeeled and curled over the edge. A large pineapple, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, plum, and halved avocado with an exposed pit sit in front of the basket. The table is in the foreground while the background features a peach wall with an arched stained glass window. The window has diamond-shaped panes. Each diamond window pane has a thin diagonal line texture with a bold outline. The remaining window panes are distinguished by a thin grid pattern. 

 Still Life (Fruits) Puzzle

12” x 12"

Young Puzzlers Level

68 pieces*

Young Puzzlers - Guide Puzzle Set

68 piece puzzle* plus a 4-piece Guide Puzzle

Moderate Level

256 pieces*

Moderate Level - Guide Puzzle Set 256 pieces* puzzle plus a 4-piece Guide Puzzle

** 4 whimsey cut corner pieces!

 Still Life (Fruits) - Guide Puzzle Set

The set includes the Still Life (Fruits) Puzzle plus an additional Guide Puzzle with four bigger puzzle pieces. When assembled, the Guide Puzzle also measures 12” x 12.” All printed materials include Braille.


How to play:

  1. Start by connecting the four big pieces of the Guide Puzzle.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the featured artwork by feeling the tactile clues.
  1. The Guide Puzzle will help you sort the puzzle pieces to being assembly.
  1. Match shapes, patterns, and outlines to complete the puzzle.
  1. Hooray, you did it! Give yourself a high-five!



Post-puzzling Experiments

  • Grab your assembled puzzle by the corners and ace the puzzle pick-up challenge!
  • Experiment with your waterproof puzzle in a new environment like a bubble bath, swimming pool, hot tub, the beach, picnic, camping trip or in the snow!
  • Frame it and hang it! It can also be used as a placemat or coffee-table décor.
  • Document your triumphs. Share photos or videos to get a 10% discount on your next purchase and internet fame. Email, tag us on social media, or give us a call.


Spread the Love

Donate your puzzle to a library, school, community center, or healthcare facility, and we will send you a new puzzle in gratitude for introducing this resource to your community.



We are a family business established in 1977, and revived again in 2020. The Puzzled Co. was started by Philip Einsohn, a former early-childhood educator turned Waterjet design expert. In his first year of teaching, Philip struggled to find educational puzzles especially for low-sighted and blind students and parents alike. He began crafting wood puzzles for his classroom and was one of the first to create Braille puzzles for children. Today, using innovative technologies like waterjet cutting and textured printing, Philip has realized his vision of inventing Puzzles for EveryBody™ as a unique, patent-pending, sensory art puzzling experience and classroom resource.

All products are produced in-house by Waterjet Works, Inc., our Dallas-based parent company.