We collaborate with artists to translate their works into puzzle editions worthy of the wall.

Our puzzles are unique because we use precision Waterjet technology to cut tight fitting puzzle piece designs using waterproof PVC board and museum-quality artwork printing. No puzzle dust here! Puzzle count is traditionally an indicator of difficulty, but The Puzzled Co. levels are dictated by the acute subtleties in our signature Waterjet cut puzzle piece designs. That's what makes our puzzles a cut above the rest. Designed + Produced in the U.S.A.

Mother and Daughter by Mary Danz

Feel the Love.

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  • Stripes

  • by Mary Danz
  • After Some Consideration

  • by Marc Dominus
  • The Wave

  • by Miriam Perritt
  • Cloudy Sunset

  • by Stephanie Ketty
  • Young Puzzlers: Puppies & Kitties

  • by Jesse Untract-Oakner
  • Boxed-In and Boxed-In Too

  • by Marc Dominus


by Mary Danz Shop the Collection

After Some Consideration

by Marc Dominus Shop the Collection

The Wave

by Miriam Perritt Shop the Collection

Cloudy Sunset

by Stephanie Ketty Shop the Collection

Young Puzzlers: Puppies & Kitties

by Jesse Untract-Oakner Shop the Collection

Boxed-In and Boxed-In Too

by Marc Dominus Shop the Collection

Waterjet Machine


We tried one of your puzzles and the whole family got involved. It kept us intrigued, maddened and delighted. The result, when completed, was group pride and a beautiful piece of art worthy of hanging on our wall. Can’t wait for your next challenge!

Susan & Allyn

It is hard! But I love it- one of the coolest puzzles I’ve worked on.

Andrew M.

This puzzle was a formidable challenge and an exhilarating experience, and once I got started, I couldn't stop until the picture was complete! The difficulty of the puzzle made it all the more satisfying once I finally finished!

Michael K.

It was a great time - but please put a disclosure in the box stating that all other life activities stop as you become all consumed! We still have the completed “Lion” puzzles on our coffee table as a trophy of completion.  

Mary D.

This is my third time putting this [Lion] puzzle together. I can't decided if I should finally mount it as artwork or save it...

Maria Sprow, featured graphic artist, on assembling her own Puzzled Co. art edition.

This is a high-quality take-it-to-the-hot-tub puzzle. I love it. I look forward to spending my golden years putting it together.

John W.

I love the texture of the pieces and the quality of the printing. These puzzles are going to divert me from less healthy choices in my life. I’m using this to reroute my brain with less numbing behaviors where I can still think and be present in the moment.


The puzzle is a delight!

The waterjet cut is fantastic—the pieces fit so beautifully. 

The “Cloudy Sunset” is a pleasure on the eyes!

Loved the puzzle, it was a challenge! It was very difficult to match the pieces as they were extremely intricate and small.

I am glad that the pieces were made of sturdy material as when I made a mistake connecting two pieces, I didn't have to worry about breaking them. I would like to see a 1000 piece puzzle.