Young Puzzlers: Planet Cereal

Young Puzzlers: Planet Cereal

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Planet Cereal
by Shokou Darbandi

Young Puzzlers Collection 

12" x 12" 

68 bigger waterjet cut pieces (whimsey corner pieces!)
Waterproof PVC

Made in the USA / Family Owned  

Our innovative Waterjet cut kid's puzzles are collectable works of playable art that are waterproof and of the highest quality. Frame your child's assembled masterpiece and hang it proudly on their bedroom wall. Watch our Waterjet cutting videos for extra S.T.E.A.M. points! Learn the value of supporting artists from a young age and how creativity enriches our world.  

 Shokou Darbandi is a graphic designer, illustrator, and digital artist. She began making oil paintings and then developed her practice into digital painting, often combining other mediums like photography. Her imaginative works are inspired by nature and an early fascination with Surrealism. She studied art at the University of Tehran and immigrated to the U.S. in 2006. Shokou lives in Dallas, Texas with her young daughter.

Visit and follow her on Instagram @shokoudesign