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Young Puzzlers Collection

Educational Puzzles for Growing Minds.

68 bigger Waterjet cut pieces

(whimsey corner pieces!)


Ages 4+

Waterproof PVC

Made in the USA

Our Young Puzzlers collection introduces kids to the Waterjet cut puzzle experience. One where the larger pieces still fit tight and, like all of our puzzles, the quality of the art work printing is superior. Teach children about the value of supporting artists and hang their completed art puzzle edition on their bedroom wall. Extra S.T.E.A.M points for watching the video of a Waterjet machine cutting a puzzle!

The Young Puzzlers collection is curated by our founder Philip Einsohn, a former kindergarten teacher, father, and grandfather. In 1977, Philip began to design learning-based puzzles for his students. He revive his passion project in 2020 and is excited to pick back up where he left off to make puzzles for his family and yours. 


  • Young Puzzlers: Under the Sea
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