The Nonnie V

The Nonnie V

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The Nonnie Puzzle V

Original painting by Helaine Trachtenberg, 2020

Do you have a grandparent who paints? We sure do! Our Nonnie began painting with oils when she was a teen. When the pandemic hit, she had to give up her oil painting practice in favor of a less toxic and compact way of painting in her apartment. So what did she do at 87-years-young? She discovered YouTube and the world of acrylic paint pouring. Today, she has a book full of recipes with various mixers to create paintings with pools of color and marble-like effects. Her tools include a lazy susan for spinning, straws to blow the paint around the canvas, balloons & combs for texture, a hairdryer, and a tiny blow torch. 

 Send us your grandparent art and we will print a custom puzzle! Contact to start your project. 


12" x 16"

Simple Level / 192 waterjet cut pieces 

Moderate Level / 266 waterjet cut pieces

Difficult Level / 494 waterjet cut pieces

Waterproof PVC
Made in the USA