Three Little Bears

Three Little Bears

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The Little Bears

Series: "Lions, Tigers, Leopards, and Bears, Oh my!" 

Photography by Mary Danz

Location: Chilkook River, Southeast Alaska


12" x 16"

Simple Level / 192 waterjet cut pieces 

Moderate Level / 266 waterjet cut pieces

Difficult Level / 494 waterjet cut pieces


Material: waterproof PVC

Made in the USA

Mary Danz is an American photographer based in Dallas, Texas. She has traveled to isolated locations of the world to capture images of wildlife and landscapes. These are her feelings after capturing this photo near the Chilkook River, Alaska. 

"I never would have described bears as tender, but this was such an astonishing sight to witness how lovingly and tenderly this mama bear was feeding her three cubs."

Mary is currently working on her first book BRAVE HER, a major photographic project about facing one’s greatest fears and overcoming adversity through powerful portraits of women. In between adventures, Mary also runs an exquisite portrait photography business and cohosts Stages Podcast. Visit or follow @marydanzphoto.